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Getting the Best Out of the Employees in Your Small Business

Whether it’s a small town diner with an uptempo atmosphere or a microbrewery born in your garage, your small business likely relies heavily on dependable employees. Even the best product or most innovative marketing plan needs the shoulders of a solid workforce. Unfortunately, your small size makes you particularly vulnerable to productivity-crippling factors like absenteeism, chronic tardiness or sloppiness on the job among workers.

Dysfunctional staff can undermine the best-laid plans, eroding profits and sprouting an atmosphere of disharmony which can pull down everything you’ve worked so hard to build. Running a business comes bundled with many challenges; that’s a given. An unreliable workforce is not.


Here are some steps you can take to ensure your human resource isn’t a liability but an asset to your entrepreneurial aspirations.


Getting your employees invested in success

An employee is unlikely to be as invested as you are in your business. We’re all familiar with the worker who clocks in and watches that clock until the work whistle blows. You need staff who will give 110% when they’re on duty. It’s the only way your business can thrive.  

It isn’t always apparent to workers that their livelihood depends on the success of the business in which they’re employed. Attaining employee of the month is great, but it’s going to take more than an awkward picture in the office to create that connection between your success and theirs.

Encourage Using Coupon Codes To Get Employees Invested in Success.

Many employees view their corporate expenditures as play money, and rarely (if ever) consider the consequences of shopping for a deal. For company expenses like website hosting, Virtual Private Networks, and even office supplies, you can incentivize your employees to keep costs down with monthly targets. 

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Many companies use VPN services for security and confidentiality. There are lots of NordVPN.com discounts available that employees can use to keep costs down. Having targets available, and rewards for keeping the budget down to a certain percentage, will motivate your employees to hunt for deals whenever they can.

For example, whether you have a small site and just need 40% off shared hosting package, or you have an enterprise-level website and need a VPS discount code to save money, these types of behaviors will end up making your business stronger and your employees feel like they are contributing to the strength of your business.

One sound strategy to build loyalty and commitment is an employee rewards programme. Crunch the numbers to construct a rewards system based on a quarterly appraisal process. Upward mobility tied to better compensation demonstrates faith in your workers’ abilities and their value to the company. Meaningful year-end bonuses give employees something to work towards.


Recognition of performance, though, needn’t always be financial. Workers can also be rewarded with gift baskets of the products your business sells.


The value of criticism

Criticism in the workplace is often undervalued. This is, perhaps, because it’s often deployed thoughtlessly. As the old saying goes, “A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down”. While workers should be told where they’re falling short, they will respond more favourably to positive reinforcement.


A critique of a worker’s performance should be delivered in the context of inspiration to improve. “We loved your aggressive pursuit of that account last month. Your client interaction needs a bit of work, but you’ve brought in new business and that’s great!”


Then you might explain how that employee could brush up on client relations. In the execution of criticism, tone is everything. You don’t want to be condescending but maternal would be a bridge too far. Your counsel can be a big component in shaping your workers into invaluable assets.


The importance of being there.

As a small business owner, the day-to-day demands of keeping the wheels oiled can see you busy with work errands or meetings. Still, the last thing you want is to become an absentee business owner.


The workers from whom you are demanding their all must see the same commitment from you. That’s not to say you should be perched like a gargoyle above them every waking moment. While it’s important to appoint managers whom you can trust, your presence is also critical to reinforcing a sense of leadership.


In a small operation, many workers take their cues from the behaviour of the owner. Nothing builds employee respect like the boss rolling up his sleeves every now and then to get the job done.


Being a small business owner is as challenging as it is rewarding. Success will depend, to a large extent, on the calibre of workers you are able to win to your cause. You won’t make converts of them all; there will always be those who offer the bare minimum on the job.


It’s entirely within your power, though, to build relationships with workers who show potential and loyalty in your business. Focusing on your workforce will be one of the best investments of time and attention you’ll ever make.

How to Avoid a Windows Fail: Switch to Linux Hosting!

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In recent years, Microsoft has not had the best track record in supporting customer needs which has prompted many users to change to switch to Apple for the their personal computers. If you were going to have to migrate to an entirely new operating system anyways, why not go for the one with the better marketing and sleeker designs? I’d argue that the changes that made it necessary to make the switch to Windows 8 a migration as opposed to an upgrade were necessary to keep up with an evolving market, but it still alienated a lot of customers.

So What about Web Hosting?

I honestly feel that if you are hosting a website on a Windows-based server, you need to switch. One of the main reasons is that there is just so much more available in terms of open source software on Linux-based hosting. It’s faster, and most importantly it’s way less expensive. Especially if you use a reseller hosting discount coupon code it’s really inexpensive as a new customer. Unless your business specifically needs some system or piece of software that will only run on a Windows-based machine, you really should make the switch.

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The Windows 8 Debacle

When Microsoft announced that Windows 8 was going to be released in 2012, many business users greeted the news with a sense of confusion. After all, Windows 7 had proven to be a very effective operating system. Coming out with a new version of Windows didn’t seem to be necessary, especially from the standpoint of businesses.

Microsoft should have understood that business adoption of a new operating system often takes a while. However, the company took the next step and decided that Windows 8 was going to be a total overhaul of the Windows OS, thereby ensuring it would be met with controversy.

While it might seem that constant evolution is a good thing, you need to understand the evolution often needs to be incremental. If you decide that your company is going to do a complete shake-up, it’s important for you to know that your customers fully support that move.

When Microsoft first floated the idea of having Windows 8 provide the same operating system for both PC machines and tablets, many of its core base were confused. At the time, Windows decided that it was going to get involved in the tablet market, but it wanted to stand apart from Apple and the competition. The decision to create the single operating system was based more on Microsoft’s own needs, rather than focusing on the needs of its clients.

Microsoft assumed that making such a radical change was going to attract attention. It did, but not quite in the way that the company might have wanted. From the beginning, critics and advance users decided that trying to force one operating system to work as both a touch device and a keyboard and mouse device was not efficient.

When early testing showed that many users were not comfortable with the new interface, Microsoft’s response was that it only took a little education as to how to navigate before users understood how to use it. However, when it comes to doing business, companies don’t want to have to retrain their employees on how to use a new operating system. At the same time, many of the higher management personnel were perfectly content to use the old Windows interface and did not want to make the jump into the newest Windows incarnation.

Possibly the worst offense that Microsoft made was failing to provide an option to return to the old OS interface. Many users would have upgraded to Windows 8 if they had a way to set it up the way they liked. Instead, Microsoft decided upon providing an operating system that was less customizable than its predecessors, making it less attractive for businesses to make the transition.

When it comes to your business, always make sure that you don’t fall into the trap of having change for the sake of change. While you might not be growing as a rapid pace, it’s important to remember that when you adopt changes that your customer base isn’t prepared for, you can actually wind up taking a step or two backwards.

Redesign Your Kitchen with Android Apps and Amazon Fresh

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Why Amazon Fresh is a Game Changer.

Going to a grocery is a practice we’ve accepted as necessary to get the freshest food possible. But what if you could order all your food online, and have it come to your door faster than it takes to drive to the grocery store? Getting meats and veggies that are fresher than anything you could get at a grocery store certainly is a game changer. There’s a 15% off discount code making the rounds right now and it’s causing Amazon Fresh to explode in popularity. That, and the recent acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon means that grocery shopping could become an antiquated concept.

Speaking of antiquated, online groceries means you might need to consider updating your kitchen for the ‘new normal’. Here are our recommended apps for updating your kitchen for 2018:

3 Android Apps That Can Help You Redesign Your Kitchen in 2018

Remodeling your kitchen is a great way of increasing the value of your home. Interior designers can be helpful but often push expensive products and materials on unsuspecting clients. But what if your mobile device could help you plan and design your kitchen? Here are three Android apps available on Google Play right now that may help you save yourself time and money when redesigning your kitchen.

#1. Planner 5D

Planner 5D enables anyone to create beautiful and realistic interior and exterior designs in 2D and 3D modes. This app can help you design an entire home but it is a great app to help plan and furnish a kitchen. The free version of this app comes with a catalogue of only 150 items however you can unlock other items by watching free video ads or paying to unlock the entire 3000 item catalogue.

The app makes it easy to create a floor plan of your existing kitchen. You can then position and change the size and texture of any object including customizable furniture and accessories. Uniquely with this app, you can see what your design would look like in real life with the Virtual Reality mode. When your kitchen design is complete, you can put your smartphone into Google Cardboard or other Virtual Reality headset and explore your creation as it would look in reality. You can apply hundreds of textures and colors in different combinations. Simply drag and drop items until you are happy with the overall look of your design. With over six million Planner 5D users worldwide, this app is well worth trying for anyone looking to redesign their kitchen.

#2. Floor Plan Creator

This app lets anyone create detailed and precise floor plans so it is perfect for designing a kitchen. The main feature of this app is that it lets you add furniture to redesign the interior of your home. You can take the plan with you while you shop to check whether you have enough room for new furniture. Uniquely, you are not reliant on a catalogue of room shapes as you can free draw a room with the Samsung S-Pen, a mouse of via touch.

One handy purchased feature on this app is that you can unlock cloud synchronization. This feature automatically backups your plans between your devices. This is perfect if you are designing your kitchen with a partner or spouse. Sharing your plans can help you coordinate purchases with other people while ensuring that the room meets your original specifications.

#3. Kitchen Design

This useful app is also from Planner 5D and lets you create stunning and realistic kitchen interior designs. A key advantage of this app is that it works in offline mode as well. You can walk through your interior design and get a view from any angle in 3Dmode. Either by creating floor plans of your own or by building on a project from an existing gallery, you can create a realistic version of your existing kitchen space. Onto this floor plan, you can position and customize hundreds of items in a wide variety of textures and different color combinations.

In summary, any of these three apps could help your design your dream kitchen in 2016. If you own a smartphone and a virtual reality headset such as Google Cardboard, the ability to experience your kitchen in the virtual world is too good to miss.

Top 5 Ways to Build a Lightning-Fast Blog with GoDaddy Coupons

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User experience is one factor that can make or break a blog. If a visitor suffers a negative experience, they are unlikely to stick around or return in the future. One of the most common complaints is slow loading, with even an extra few seconds likely to increase bounce rates. While most site owners understand this issue, limited numbers are actually diligent with improving loading times. You might not receive too many compliments about the site speed, typically only noticed when there are issues, but you should see the benefits in your analytics. So what are the fundamentals required to build a lightning-fast blog?

Choose the Right Hosting Provider (and Choose Good Coupons!)

godaddy coupon codesMuch of your site speed will be dependent on your hosting. There are numerous web hosting providers offering services as varied as shared, dedicated, or cloud hosting services. It is even possible to find a free, or extremely cheap, option, but you can be certain they won’t offer exceptional services. Your budget will largely define which option you choose, with any dedicated products charging more. You can go for high quality hosting services by searching for godaddy renewal promo code for popular providers like GoDaddy and Hostgator. For example, do a quick search for ‘godaddy promo code 2018’ and you’ll find lots of great coupons for hosting and domain registration.

Most companies can also assist you with upgrading, so you could adapt as traffic increases. Finally, a content delivery network like CloudFlare can be a good idea as your site is distributed around the world, meaning quicker load times regardless of the location.

Use a Quality Theme

If you are experienced with web design, you may choose to build your own site. Most people, though, will prefer to use a content management system, with WordPress being the most popular. There is no shortage of quality themes for blog or magazine sites, so you can choose one that looks good and runs quickly. ThemeForest is the biggest marketplace, but many established theme designers offer quality products, including StudioPress, Elegant Themes, WooThemes, and more. Reading reviews and doing speed tests on demo sites should uncover any theme issues before you buy.

lightning fast websiteInstall a Caching Plugin

After installing your site, the next stage is to optimize it. One of the simplest ways is to install a cache plugin, ensuring your content does not have to repeatedly load each time a visitor lands on a page. Without any caching, a dynamic content platform needs to request information from the host, including images and code, for each visit. In most cases, though, these pages won’t be altered after publishing. The plugin, depending on how you configure it, will create a static page, so there won’t be the same weight placed on the server.

Run a Speed Test and take Action

With the site operational, assessing the speed should be the next step. Google offer a service called PageSpeed Insights, while GTmetrix is another popular optimization tool. The test only takes a matter of seconds, but you will get complete results for mobile and desktop platforms. Along with the general results, there will also be a recommended course of action. Common problems include a lack of image compression and Javascript issues, but there will also be guidance on how to resolve the problems.

Do Regular Maintenance

Finally, ensure you perform regular maintenance checks of your blog. Issues with code or large images can lead to a decrease in speed, so look to stay on top of loading times. The bulk of the work will, of course, have taken place in the initial stages, but add scheduled checks to your routine. Tools like GTmetrix Pro can, if you are willing to pay a monthly subscription, monitor a number of URLs on a regular basis, while checking from a variety of locations around the world.

The process can be a fairly simple one, but it will be enough to provide a good user experience, while also passing speed tests set by the search engines. In some cases, there may be technical issues that require more work. Make sure you back up your site before attempting any serious changes, then follow the instructions offered by the speed checking sites or employ a specialist. Loading speed might seem like a fairly minor part of your business, but ultimately the ramifications of slow loading can do serious damage to your fortunes.

A Breakdown of Cloud Hosting


The cloud hosting process is a more advanced method of share-hosting that delivers server solutions to website-owners and multiple online-resource holders. There are plenty of additional features and customized services that cloud hosting provides. It is a virtual service provider for online users and business companies that foster progress in their field of expertise. In this article, we’d like to accomplish two things: 1) explain how cloud hosting works, and 2) offer you cloud-server deals you can use to save money. Also, if you need a domain right now you can get 35% off all domain extensions which is a great deal! Here are some ways to fully understand the cloud hosting mechanism:

1. Unearthing Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is developed to provide assistance to individuals who own and manage multiple sites and servers. It alternatively computes resources and holds them in a cluster of servers for the user to extensively grasp the data in one handy application. It is usually utilized to pull and transmit data to and from the same server at the same time, distributing the needed information to each concerned server.

This computing technology helps to synchronize data delimiting the common dilemma for web traffic issues. It caters infinite accessibility of data just by using an internet access.  Here is a brief overview.

2. Key Functions and how they work

  • Higher storage capacity

There are multiple options of storage capacity when using cloud hosting. The range of RAM capacity depends on the type of operating system and software versions a user may have which is very ideal for tinkering, websites and database management.

  • Backup and recovery

Cloud host applications are very proficient in restoring all types of files, folders, data and the whole system content. These files are safely stored using several data centers depending upon the type of cloud hosting app. It may also include a data-protection system where saved or recovered data forms are confined in a built-in disaster-proof app feature.

  • Synchronized data for files

Cloud host server also implies file synchronization system build as a part of the backup mechanism which can either be a form of private, public or hybrid type of data storage. The feature system may also rely on the type of application one is using. Notable cloud file organizers are the Dropbox, Sugarsync, Box, Google Drive and Skydrive.

  • Secured server data

Built-in security functions are also featured in most cloud hosting apps. This can be very helpful when storing and processing third-party servers. The security alliance support of cloud hosting protects data from high risk intruders who wish to gain or steal information from the owner’s web.

3. What to consider

Cloud hosting performs virtual assistance by providing a larger virtual storage space and processor. You should always find a suitable cloud hosting application that will best provide your server needs as an individual.

Cloud Hosting Beats Traditional Hosting Packages

Cloud Hosting Beats Traditional Hosting Packages

There will always be the debate of which or who is better? These debates take place in sport filled discussions as well as legal or political circles. The field of technology is not immune to such discussions and now people are asking is cloud hosting better than the traditional way of storing electronic information. Almost all hosts are offering cloud hosting now, and they typically have really great sign up deals, for example see offer here.

To start, there are many different traditional methods of storing information but this article will focus on only two- dedicated and shared. The dedicated system has the customer pay for all the resources of one or more servers. In return they get a set amount of bandwidth, RAM and drive space. The good point is that the customer controls it all.

What’s the Difference?

With shared hosting, the customer pays for a portion of the space on a single server which is then shared with other companies. The bad news is if some other company has a problem then the customer’s hosting will be affected and he may be denied access to his information. The problems are innumerable and may slow down the performance of the computers owned by the customer.

The issue for both these packages is that they rely upon single or multiple physical server that can break down or be influenced by the problems from computers outside of the customer’s control. When this happens, the customer’s business can be affected and that is not good.

How Cloud Hosting Beats Traditional Hosting

On the other hand, cloud hosting seems to have solved these problems by offering a pay as you go, pay for what you need program. They are able to do this by using virtual storage spread evenly across several clusters of servers. This helps avoid the problem of when a single server go down and access to one’s paid for storage is lost. By using the mirroring technique cloud hosting can continue to provide access to a customer’s information when a single server does go down.

With cloud hosting the customer does not have to worry about housing, running or maintaining a server. That is all done by the loud hosting company. The customer merely pays the fee for a little peace of mind.

Another good feature of cloud hosting is that the need to meet traffic to a website is automatically done and there is no need to manually adjust one’s server. It is all done for the customer by the cloud hosting company.

Cloud hosting is fairly new and has not achieved great popularity yet. Maybe its superior technology will convince user of traditional packages to switch to the more convenient and electronically safer method of using Web space. From what the research shows, cloud hosting is better than the traditional methods.